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1 ABS-5 Adult and Continuing Education

Big Data in Chinese Research-oriented Universities
Miao Haihong, Zhang Suhong

Soochoow University, Jiang su, China

Jinling Institute of Technology, Nanjing, Jiang su, China


Aim of study: Nowadays, individuals no longer invariably focus on conventional wisdom, seemingly reliable gut feelings and established practice. Instead, they are seeking for objective analysis and research based on a large amount of data. Education always produces a tremendous amount of data. Educators could easily capitalize the information of students on and offline to revolutionize the way students learn and teachers teach. This paper is going to conduct a research on the role of big data in Chinese research-oriented universities.
Method of used: interview, questionnaire, materials and so on
Result: Efforts will be made to conduct a detailed analysis to find out how big data change the role of teachers and students and furthermore, to find out the application of big data in the revolution of teaching and learning.
Application: These real-time feedback could be collected to help teachers have an insight in eduction and tailor their teaching methods to meet the requirements and learning habits of students. Moreover, when Big Data indicates that educators have overestimated the understanding of students or there will be a negative prediction of a new reformative program, teachers could tactfully make some alternations to minimize trial-and-error.

Keywords: Big Data, high education,

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2 ABS-51 Adult and Continuing Education

Bibliotherapy Technique in Improving Learning Motivation
Astrid Lingkan Mandas, Dwi Sarwindah, I Gusti Ayu Agung Noviekayati

Faculty of Psychology, University of 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya


Learning is basically an activity that pushes the brain to work to its limits and can only happen with motivation. Student motivation is influenced by two factors which is internal factor and external factor. Internal factor is a self awareness of students themselves about how important to learn is and external factors is stimulations that comes from the surrounding environment. Bibliotherapy is a counseling technique that has a major proportion in which the client needs to identify with one character who has similarities with himself especially when encounter a problem and expected the client can learn from the character how to deal with the problem. This study aims to determine the influence of bibliotherapy in improving learning motivation on high school students and to see the learning motivation before and after application of bibliotherapy. This study uses single-case experiment method. Sample on this research is a student who has low learning motivation in SMA GIKI II Surabaya. Based on the results, The implementation of bibliotherapy on the subject showed increased learning motivation on subject. Before the implementation of bibliotherapy, Subject did not want to talk about his ideals as an online game programmer and skipping class three times a week. After the implementation, subject wants to talk about his ideal as an online game programmer. Subject showed capability in making to do list about his future. Subject did not skip class for about 1 month.

Keywords: learning motivation, bibliotherapy

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3 ABS-87 Adult and Continuing Education

Student Perception of Digital Library as a Media to Support Student Centered Active Learning (Study at the Central Library of the University of Indonesia)
Arfah Habib Saragih

Faculty of Administrative Science, Universitas Indonesia


This study aims to determine student perceptions of the digital library at the Central Library of the University of Indonesia. The method used in this research is quantitative research methods by distributing questionnaires to 109 respondents. The data processing technique used is a structural equation model that is processed with SmartPLS software against the UTAUT Model. The results of the analysis carried out found that the Performance Expectation had a significant effect on Intention Behavior using digital library; Effort Expectation, Social Influence and Facilitating Condition have no effect on Intention Behavior; and Intention Behavior has a significant effect on Use Behavior. The implication of this finding is that the University of Indonesia Library should make improvements to the digital library in order to better support Student Centered Active Learning in order to achieve the universitys vision and mission in general.
Keywords: UTAUT Model, Digital Library, Student Centered Active Learning

Keywords: UTAUT Model, Digital Library, Student Centered Active Learning

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Arfah Habib Saragih)

4 ABS-88 Adult and Continuing Education

Student Perception of Student Centered e-Learning Environment (SCeLE) as Media to Support Teaching and Learning Activities at the University of Indonesia
Arfah Habib Saragih, Milla Sepliana Setyowati, Achmad Lutfi, Adang Hendrawan

Faculty of Administrative Science, Universitas Indonesia


Student Centered e-Learning Environment (SCeLE) is a Learning Management System (LMS) owned and used by the University of Indonesia that functions as an extension or even substitute for a real class environment. This study aims to determine student perceptions of SCeLE as a medium to support teaching and learning activities at the University of Indonesia. The method used in this research is quantitative research methods by distributing questionnaires to 125 respondents. The data processing technique used is a structural equation model that is processed with SmartPLS software against the UTAUT Model. The results of the analysis obtained findings that Performance Expectation, Effort Expectation, and Social Influence have a significant effect on Intention Behavior using SCeLE, while Facilitating Condition has no effect on Intention Behavior; and Intention Behavior has a significant effect on Use Behavior from using SCeLE. The implication of this finding is that the university should make improvements to SCeLE, especially in terms of facility conditions that support its use. This is needed so that the use of SCeLE can be used optimally to support teaching and learning activities for both students and teaching staff.
Keywords: UTAUT Model, Student Centered e-Learning Environment, e-Learning, Learning Management System

Keywords: UTAUT Model, Student Centered e-Learning Environment, e-Learning, Learning Management System

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Arfah Habib Saragih)

5 ABS-98 Adult and Continuing Education

JAWA TIMUR YOUTH ORCHESTRA (Serving the Country with the Melody Strains)
Evie Destiana, Rugaya Meis Andhiarini

Program Studi Pendidikan Guru Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini, Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan
Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo


Abstract - As an important part of the state ceremony at the Grahadi Surabaya state building in Indonesia, making Jawa Timur Youth Orchestra very interested by young East Java musicians to be able to pass the audition and be part of every state ceremony. Audition participants who qualify will be incorporated in the Jawa Timur Youth Orchestra for 1 year and will gain experience, knowledge, and a sense of pride that will be remembered for a lifetime because it was once part of the state ceremony held at the Grahadi Surabaya state building. This journal uses a qualitative research method with a phenomenological approach, in which the existence of Jawa Timur Youth Orchestra is the only one in Indonesia. Facilitated by the Technical Implementation Unit of the Laboratory of Arts and Culture Development and Training (LPPK) of the East Java Culture and Tourism Office and fully supported in each training process making members of the East Java Youth Orchestra proud, serving the country with melodic strains.

Keywords : Music, Youth Orchestra

Keywords: Keywords : Music, Youth Orchestra

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Evie Destiana)

6 ABS-112 Adult and Continuing Education

Students, Social Media and Perceptions of Gender Equality and Justice
Ros Mayasari (a), Muh. Yahya Obaid(b), Asni (c)

(a)Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kendari,(b) Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kendari, )c) Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kendari


This study aims to explain the effect of social media on student attitudes toward opportunities to obtain education and careers for women, in the midst of the movement rejecting the idea of equality and gender equality. No one can stem the flow of information against the issue of gender equality in the social media they use at any time. What is the attitude of students who actively follow certain channels in social media towards educational and career aspirations? Respondents filled out the open-ended questionnaire. Processed data from respondents who write about channels that are often followed on social media. The results showed that respondents who actively participated in certain channels on social media tended to agree that married women prioritized children and children when working or attending school, some also agreed that after marriage women were better at home to focus on educating their children.This has the effect of decreasing the interest of young women to go to school and work for certain groups

Keywords: Gender Equality and Justice, Students, Social Media, Career, Woman

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (ROS MAYASARI)

7 ABS-117 Adult and Continuing Education

Identification of the Role of Schools and New Media against the Development of Intolerance in the World of Contemporary Education

State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya


This paper describes the problem of intolerance rooted in
education. One source that is suspected of causing this
behavior is the content of Islamic teachings that are biased
with interests in new media. Other factors that play a role are
curriculum, books, and teachers. This element of education
becomes parties who intentionally or not do the indoctrination
process which then leads to understanding and actions of
students intolerance at school. The emergence of new media
as an instrument of indoctrination is inseparable from the use
of the Internet by Laskar Jihad in the late 1990s, which
succeeded in making the internet as a medium to carry out the
process of indoctrination of religious understandings that lead
to identity hardening that manifests in intolerance. With
framing techniques, the choice of language and narrative
construction are arranged to eliminate negative values. On the
other hand, students make new media references as learning

Keywords: schools, new media, intolerance, education

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Achmad Muhibbin Zuhri)

8 ABS-35 Civil Law

Novendri M. Nggilu, Dian Ekawaty Ismail, Abdul Hamid Tome

Faculty of Law, Gorontalo State University


The fundamental question to be answered in this paper is the Gorontalo Local Wisdom Values are to be used in the prevention and control of narcotics, psychotropic and other addictive substances in Gorontalo Province. to answer these questions, the research approach was used statute approach, case approach and conseptual approach with a primary data source (primary sources of authorities) and secondary (secondary sources of authorities) with prescriptive analysis techniques.
In general the problem of abuse of narcotic, psychotropic and other addictive substances is a major problem faced by the people of Indonesia, so in cualifying be an extraordinary crime, because not only cause personal impact on the user, but also can result in the future of the next generation. As crime outstanding, then of course the necessary precautions and countermeasures of the extraordinary, not only related to the provision of the instruments in the fight against narcotics, psychotropic and addictive substances to the local level, but also required a variety of strategic approaches and the involvement of all parties in prevention , combating and eradication. As a comprehensive and synergistic efforts, Gorontalo provincial government set up local regulations to prevent and countermeasures narcotics, psychotropic and other addictive substances by using local wisdom approach involving not only the government, public and private, but also involves an element of Dewan Adat Gorontalo. approaches used among them is the need for a certificate free of drug in the execution of customary procession marriage Gorontalo, in addition to the sanction arrangements of Mohile Ambungu to the perpetrators of abusers of drugs substances into efforts comprehensif conducted in Gorontalo in suppressing the rate case drug abusers who every year is always increasing.

Keywords: Local Wisdom, Drug, Regional Regulation

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Novendri Mohamad Nggilu)

9 ABS-73 Civil Law

Mery Christian Putri, S.H., M.H

Constitutional Court of Indonesia .
Student of Doctoral Degree University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta.


Technology and media development are undeniable aspects that could affect not only peoples way of life but also social change. Despite the fact that law exists to rule and regulate peoples behavior, the law is occasionally developed by the social change and social community needs. Indonesia Constitutional Court whose authority to protect citizen constitutional rights had released several decisions that involved media force in the process of trial. Many of new regulations that have been proposed to be judicial review in Constitutional Court affect the development of media spread which causes social change. Law development becomes an urgent thing to accommodate media development and social change, and Constitutional Court Decision that is final and binding could be one of the references to be a legitimate regulation that goes along with the social change. This research aims to analyze the role of law (Constitutional Court Decision) in media development and social change in Indonesia pass the amendment of the 1945 Constitutional Court. This paper is based on an normative research with depth interview and history approach which analyzes many relatable Constitutional Court decision, related books, research report, and journal.

Keywords: law, media development, social change

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (MERY CHRISTIAN PUTRI)

10 ABS-1 Communication Studies

MEDIA AND DEMOCRACY The philosophy study for the political economy media in Indonesia
Jonas Klemens Gregorius Dori Gobang

Nusa Nipa University


The media is a place where the ideological struggle going on. Habermas asserts that the media is a reality in which the dominant ideology in this case capitalism distributed to the audience and form what is called a false consciousness (false consciousness). Mass media in Indonesia should still play a role as a social instrument that enlighten the public. People can be critically assess the information presented news and media so that it will be the last bet or not a medium.

Critical studies using critical discourse analysis revealed that media literacy is not sufficient so that it takes hard work to local media to restore the rights of the people. Media as an institution and as a subject of media workers must remain present themselves as media institutions and media workers were free (independent) with the moral courage to not bought by the owners of capital and power holders.

Media should work with certain principles so that accountability can be evaluated by readers, listeners, subscribers and viewers. Media in Indonesia should still play a role as a social instrument that enlighten the public in order to be an intelligent and critical citizens so they can build a substantive democracy in our system of government. When the media deny this role, will be increasingly critical rakyatpun assess news and information presented media so it would be the last bet or not a medium.
People become frustrated with all that is happening on the political scene played political actors reported by various media, both print and electronic. People need to get timely and accurate information about a variety of issues, such as corruption continues to undermine state institutions, from the center to the regions and even to villages. Law enforcement profanity when our democracy is a constitutional democracy that puts law enforcement for the people to find justice in accordance with the ideals of justice that exist in the public conscience.

Keywords: media; democracy; people; political actors

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Jonas Gobang)

11 ABS-3 Communication Studies

Gayatri Atmadi

Communication Science Dept.
Faculty of Social & Political Science
University of Al Azhar Indonesia


Today, many people, especially millennials, are influenced by social media as new media development in network society. They are influenced by digital experiences and they have made travel plans in Indonesia based on social media images or videos they saw a friend post. Digital influencers are more engaging than celebrity endorsers and tend to be more relevant and effective in promoting Indonesia tourism message to their followers. This study aims to get description of how millenials can support promoting some tourism destinations in Indonesia by social media. The concept of this overall research uses social learning theory as the grand concept, besides some concepts of new media, social media and network society. This paper uses qualitative descriptive research method and collects data from digital media. This study results revealed that Indonesian Charms Generation community and Wonderful Indonesia Generation community made a success in promoting Indonesia tourism on social media and also in encouraging people to vote for Indonesia as the world top destination at the recent polling for Dive Magazine 2017 Travel Awards, London based. Practical implication of this paper shows that government must support them for better promotion of Indonesia tourism destination.

Keywords: new media, social media, network society, social learning theory

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Gayatri Atmadi)

12 ABS-4 Communication Studies

1) Totok Wahyu Abadi, 2) Chiquita Mardliyah, 3) Ilmi Usrotin Choiriyah

1) Department of Communication Science, FISIP, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo, Jalan Majapahit 666 B Sidoarjo, email: totokwahyu[at]
2) Department of Communication Science, FISIP, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo, Jalan Majapahit 666 B Sidoarjo
3. Department of Public Administration, FISIP, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo, Jalan Majapahit 666 B Sidoarjo, email: ilmiusrotin[at]


Abstract - The new media format had put radio not only as a medium of information, education, and entertainment, but also as an interactive medium as well as a public sphere. The purpose of this study analyzed and explained the radio as a public sphere to participate and interact as well as the influence of interactive media on community participation. This research method used quantitative explanative with samples of 100 respondents who participated in the program "Kelana Kota" Radio Suara Surabaya. Analyzing technique used multiple regression analysis with SPSS 20 program. The results showed that first, radio had a role as media to interact and exchange information with fellow audience and public sphere to participate in information society development. Second, the most influential factors of participation were interactive media, assertiveness, and attitudes. Coefficient influence of these three variables on participation of 40.2%. Third, public participation on the radio public space in the form of access and delivery of information, supervision, partnership, consultation, and dialogue.

Keywords: interactive media, radio as public sphere, community participation

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Totok Wahyu Abadi)

13 ABS-10 Communication Studies

Analysis Instagram @wardahbeauty Digital Content on Moeslem MIllenials Mind (Qualitative Research by Using Consumer Path 5A Model)



Nowadays, the number of moslem millennials will be the becoming potential target market for some brands in digital era. Women are the users of cosmetic and the number of halalan searchers. The number of moeslem millennials are increase rapidly. Wardah is the brands of halalan cosmetic that becoming famous among millennials. This Research aims to find out how the digital content can be understood by this millenials in every part of the consumer path 5A that consist of Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act and Advocacy which is showed that the behavior of the digital customers. This research used qualitative research by using interview to the informants that are user of Wardah Cosmetic , moeslem millennials dan the followers of wardah beauty cosmetic account of instagram. The result shows that there are steps to make the content can be understood by the followers and users. in every step of consumer path 5 A there are some process that how the user understood about the content by having several steps in every consumer path stag for Digital Moeslm Millenials consumers

Keywords: Consumer Path 5 A, Consumer Behaviour, Moeslem Millenials, Instagram , Digital Content

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (INDRA NOVIANTO ADIBAYU PAMUNGKAS)

14 ABS-12 Communication Studies

Representation of Working Mother in Social Media
Ruvira Arindita

University of Al Azhar Indonesia


How media represents a mother have shaped the society standard about good mother which in turn shapes the way women regards their worth as mother. The idea of good mother and gender roles is closely related. Gender roles have placed women to be in charge in domestic sphere and men in public sphere. And so is what happened with mothers. Working mothers are welcome, but their true place is in domestic area. From its tagline researcher noticed that Bukalapak Mother Day advertisement has the spirit to promote that the love of working mother is no less than stay at home mother. Researcher is interested to analyze this advertisement by using Roland Barthes semiotics method through qualitative approach and using Stuart Hall Representation theory. The interesting finding from this research is, this advertisement apparently still favors the idea that working mother is less lovable than stay at home mother. It was shown from most of the scenes that the child seems to favor his nanny better than his own mother. Meanwhile, working mother who is great at domestic work (nanny figure) is still being favored nonetheless by her child back at village.

Keywords: motherhood,gender roles, representation theory, social media, semiotics

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (ruvira arindita)

15 ABS-19 Communication Studies

How do female practitioners manage public relations in the female dominated profession?
rachmat kriyantono, PhD

Universitas Brawijaya


This research aims to evaluate the roles conducted by female public relations practitioners in Indonesia. Public relations has been called a gendered profession since more and more women entered the profession. Women, generally, have some feminine skills of communication that help to build relations with public in order to support organizational reputation. Therefore, the research formulates hypothesis that female public relations practitioners provide managerial roles in their activities. By using model of public relations roles as research instruments, the online questioners were responded by 119 respondents, 67 of male practitioners and 52 of female practitioners. The results find that the hypothesis of this study cannot be verified. Findings show that male public relations practitioners tend to apply managerial roles of public relations. This finding is confirmed by the fact that female practitioners are posited to do communication technician roles. This research contributes to encourage the world of public relations to provide more opportunities for female practitioners in managerial roles as a form of womens empowerment.

Keywords: Communication, managerial roles of public relations, male and female public relations, technician roles of public relations

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Rachmat Kriyantono)

16 ABS-20 Communication Studies

Cyber Culture Through Social Media Instagram on Fisip Unswagati Students
Nurudin/FaridaNurfalah/Abdul Jalil



Currently physical communication is not only done, but nowadays it can be done by using media. Communication can occur for users of messages and sentences by others to complete the interaction of messages about the user to be appreciated and received responses from others. Any message anywhere to view photos or photos. The purpose of this study is; ; 1. How is Sibers Culture Student of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Unswagati ?, 2. How is the self-reflection of Unswagati Students interpreted as fellow Instagram users?, 3. How does the interaction change with the presence of Instagram media?. This study used descriptive descriptive study and used five informants. Selection of informants by using purposive. The result 1). Instagram social media is generally used by individuals to upload photos or videos; 2. The student that Instagram can reflection on Fisip Unswagati Student in the perception of Student Participation within reasonable limits and interaction with fellow users is perceived as reasonable; 3). Shifting interaction with Instagram media presence, that is, following the times, easy to reach and there are no limits.

Keywords: Cyber Culture, Media Instagram

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Nurudin Siraj)

17 ABS-25 Communication Studies

Disaster communication of the media in a public relations perspective
Assoc. Prof. Rachmat kriyantono, PhD

School of Communication, Universitas Brawijaya


Disaster communication of the media in a public relations perspective

Rachmat Kriyantono, PhD
Associate Professor in Public Relations at School of Communication, Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia

This study aims to prove that there is a change in media coverage of the disaster along with the development of the new media. In the context that media is a public relations information partner, then media coverage can be interpreted as a portrait of public communications about disaster because media news sources can come from government agencies. Disaster has a wide impact for the public so that the public needs, not only information on the incident, but also disaster-related education. It possible that new media is able to meet the needs of this public. However, through content analysis of 479 from the 19 online news portals from September 20 to October 4, 2016, research results show that disaster reporting focuses only on giving information about the event and has not been able to educate and foster resilience for the community. This finding correlates with other findings that media coverage in Indonesia related to disasters only focuses on the occurrence of disasters. That is, the function of education pre and post disaster cannot be reached optimally because the media only focus on events during the disaster. This study contributes to the development of disaster communication studies by revealing the fact that the change of media from conventional to new media has not been balanced with the increasing role of disaster reporting for the public.

Keywords: Content analysis, Indonesia, disaster communication, new media, public relations

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Rachmat Kriyantono)

18 ABS-28 Communication Studies

Social Media Revolutionizing Communication
Pradeep Gupta

independent social media consultant


Keywords: social media, communication, social empowerment, rural development

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (PRADEEP GUPTA)

19 ABS-31 Communication Studies


Universitas Budi Luhur jakarta


The Jakarta and Bekasi City Government Policy Agreements are to impose the use of toll roads for four-wheeled vehicles based on odd-even vehicle numbers. The Jakarta City Government prepares the solution by preparing the RoyalTrans-Jakarta premium bus transportation, with affordable tariffs and convenient facilities. This research aims to; 1) analyze the Jakarta Royalstrans marketing communication strategy to the user community. 2) steps in developing information and improving passengers. This research method uses a qualitative approach with descriptive methods with data collection techniques through observation and interview. Data analysis is done by triangulating sources and data. The informants interviewed were 2 drivers, 2 conductors and 2 passengers of RoyalTrans-Jakarta. The results showed that 1) RoyalTrans marketing communication strategies included using banners, WhatsApp in developing networks between permanent passengers of RoyalTrans buses. 2) The steps taken are; a) invites information . b). facilitate information via WhatsApp to provide departure schedule c). maintain relationships with passengers and create a sense of comfort and service.

Keywords: Marketing Communication, Increased Passenger, Transportation

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Afrina Sari)

20 ABS-33 Communication Studies

Cyberfenimism: Changing Gender Perspective through Media Cyber Tokoh
Irawinne Rizky Wahyu Kusuma

Akademi Komunitas Manajemen Perhotelan Indonesia


This study aims to change the gender perspective that is more dominated by men through the role of the media. The influence of the times has led to many new discoveries in the field of technology. The current existence of cyberspace directly opens wide access to communications and information through digital technology. The interactions made through cyberspace can serve as a new medium for women to rise up and free themselves from all forms of masculine domination. Cyber Tokoh provides an opportunity for women to be able to express themselves by developing their thoughts, knowledge and experiences. Cyberfeminism is a concept that attempts to empower women through cyberspace by changing the various male-dominated discourses on other technologies. Cyberfeminism as a starting point takes a feminist perspective to examine and analyze gender imbalance in the creation and mastery of technology. Women should be able to use cyberspace wisely in an attempt to empower themselves and free themselves from traditional thinking. This research is done by qualitative approach and using content analysis approach by analyzing about the content of communicated message, and taking feminism perspective to be studied. This concept turned out to begin to change the cultural views of patriarchy that has been embedded in the minds of people.

Keywords: Cyberfeminism, gender perspective, cyberspace

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Irawinne Rizky Wahyu Kusuma)

21 ABS-34 Communication Studies

Fetty Kurniawati

Universitas Sebelas Maret


Two decades of revolving reform in Indonesia led to the decentralization of leadership. The general election of regional heads becomes a five-year political event that seeks the attention of the public especially in the era of information disclosure due to sophisticated communication technology as it is today. One of the communication technology ceilings that are widely used by prospective leaders in election campaigns is instagram social media. This app features content in the form of images that can be excerpted as explanations. In the election of governor of eastern Java in 2018 instagram channel became one of the channel of communication of candidate for governor pair of campaign. From a variety of content uploaded ahead of the registration of candidate pairs until the quiet period found content that shows the identity of the candidate pair of tribe, race, religion until the family tree. This phenomenon will be the study in this study. Uploads in instagram are dissected in symbolic interaction with literature review research methods. This paper shows that the identity politics in the campaign took place in East Java although voters in East Java tend to be homogeny in tribal, racial and religious identities.

Keywords: Political Identity, Elections, Election of East Java Governor, Social Media, Instagram

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Fetty Kurniawati)

22 ABS-41 Communication Studies

Government Communication Systems and Complexity in Planning Poverty Reduction Programs in West Sulawesi
Erwin Rasyid

Universitas Gadjah Mada


Poverty is one of the dominant discourses in the development process in West Sulawesi Province. Although the poverty rate in West Sulawesi continues to decline, this achievement is still above the national average. The number of poor people in West Sulawesi is dominated by the rural poor. To anticipate this, the Government then developed a program to overcome the high poverty rate in the region of West Sulawesi Province. The program planning process involves the role of cross-sector. But the reality that happens today, the system of regional government is still faced with the issue of sectoral ego. This then has an impact on the communication process that occurs between all elements of government involved in it. Based on this phenomenon, this research then attempts to examine further how the Governments communication system and complexity in planning poverty reduction programs in West Sulawesi Province. This research uses the communication network analysis method. The findings of the study show that government communication systems are faced with the problem of the complexity of diverse bureaucratic environments. Starting from the issue of sectoral ego to the many interests across sectors. Adaptation of government communication systems and models has not been effective enough in dealing with these various problems.

Keywords: Poverty, Government Communication Systems and Program Planning

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Erwin Rasyid)

23 ABS-47 Communication Studies

Social Media and Political Participation of Beginners
Lutfi Basit

University of Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara


Internet connected gadgets are being a lifestyle for millennial teens and often used to access politics. Its characteristics make it the most preferred media. Not a few politicians and political parties who use this media to build a political image to attract prospective voters, especially beginners in the context of social media relations and youth. Teenage users are also quite large, Technasia released that 26 million active social media users are 13-19 years old. This study aims to describe the interest of beginner voters in regarding the contents of political messages on social media and the potential political participation of novice voters in Medan. This research is descriptive and designed using a quantitative approach with purposive techniques in determining the sample. The number of samples is 40 students from several high schools in Medan. Respondents answers were analyzed using a single table. The result of study show that novice voters have an interest in political content on social media, but are reluctant to bother responding to heavy levels, they just involved in a light way, this has become new in research. Although they were less interested in political information on social media, they stated that they would use their voting rights in the North Sumatra 2018 governor election. This proves that they have attention to politics, only reluctant to make heavy comments.

Keywords: Social Media, Political Participation, Beginner Voters

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (LUTFI BASIT)

24 ABS-50 Communication Studies

Maria Endi A., & Finsensius Yuli P.

Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya


This article discusses the negotiation of ethnic identity between Madurese and Chinese traders in Kembang Jepun Surabaya. Based on the 10 assumptions of identity negotiation, it can be explained that differences in cultural backgrounds form different individuals. Interestingly, Chinese traders and Madurese traders in the Kembang Jepun area had mingled with other ethnic communities in Surabaya, and did not look at religious or ethnic differences. Residents in the Kembang Jepun area have mingled with each other without distinction. So, it is interesting to explain how the identity negotiation process took place between them. By using case study methods, researchers exploratively develop and interpret developing phenomena in the form of qualitative data. As a result of the findings, an analysis of the negotiation of ethnic identities is divided into 3 sub-sections: negotiating ethnic Madurese ethnic identity and Chinese ethnic identity, ethnic identity in Kembang Jepun Surabaya and harmonious relations in diversity in Kembang Jepun Surabaya. The result, a feeling of being understood, a feeling of respect and a feeling of being accepted for the value of the difference are key in the process of negotiating identity.

Keywords: Ethnic Identity Negotiation, Ethnic Madurese Traders and Ethnic Chinese Traders in Kembang Jepun Surabaya

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Finsensius Yuli Purnama)

25 ABS-56 Communication Studies

Meaning of Social Media Applications in Interaction with Fellow Users
Ido Prijana Hadi

Faculty of Communicaction Science, Petra Christian University Surabaya,
Jl. Siwalankerto 121-131 Surabaya, Indonesia


The era of using gadgets and the freedom to access and publish information is increasingly massive. The existence of application media today has become a medium of communication, both for individuals and socially. Direct interaction is no longer seen as the best way to communicate. They have been included in the terminology of onLine communication. This condition is mutual symbiosis, can be studied in different perspectives. Technology influences human or human behavior as users who must control technology. This study looks at the second side, namely how humans as social actors use communication technology. The purpose of this study was to find out how the meaning of the users of social whatsapp and line media applications in daily interactions from various professions. This study uses the interpretive constructionist paradigm, a qualitative approach to phenomenological methods. The results of this study indicate that users interpret social application media to facilitate communication, information sharing, and establish social relationships. The implication that arises is that face-to-face interaction is no longer an obstacle or necessity for various user professions. Connection is a representation of the presence of face-to-face interaction.

Keywords: Social Media Application, Social Relationship, Phenomenology

PermaLink | Plain Format | Corresponding Author (Ido Prijana Hadi)

26 ABS-58 Communication Studies

Nurul Chamidah (a*) Endah Nurhawaeny (b*) Ismayana (c*)

a) Extension and Development Communication, Post Gradute Program, Universitas Gadjah Mada

b) Economic Faculty, Universitas Muhammadiyah Cirebon

c) Law Faculty, Universitas Swadaya Gunung Jati Cirebon


Indonesian Ministry of Health has nine criteria to make a healthy city. The role of community is a vital point to make the healthy city happen. Cirebon City is one of the cities in West Java having a community participation track through the establishment of Forum Kota Sehat dan Bersih or Forum of Healthy and Clean City (FORKASIH) in 2000. Their role is considerable and they have rewarded various international awards. In the development communication system, the role of society is valuable. Further analyses concerning the supporting factors, obstacles, and levels of society participations are required. This research applies the explorative qualitative method where data is collected through observations of participants, interviews, and documentary study. The research output shows that the communicators have an important role in the people movement supported by the collectivity culture. The level of participation is highest in the participation stairs of Arnstein, which is the power of people with the power delegation.

Keywords: Development communication, people participation, FORKASIH, Health City

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27 ABS-69 Communication Studies

Communication Strategy In The Digital-Age for Delivering Knowledge at Pesantren Through E-Learning
Rila Setyaningsih (a*), Abdullah (a), Edy Prihantoro (b), Hustinawaty (b)

a). University of Darussalam Gontor
Jl. Raya Siman, Km. 06, Siman, Ponorogo, 63471.
b) University of Gunadarma
Jl. Margonda Raya No.100, Pondok Cina, Beji, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat, 16424.


The purpose of this research is to know the communication strategy in the digital-age for delivering knowledge at pesantren (boarding school). The method used in this research is qualitative. Data collection was done through observation and interviews with lecturers of five basic subjects (Introduction to Communication Studies, Communication Theory, Communication Psychology, Contextual Communication and Mass Communication) in the Communication Studies Program at the University of Darussalam Gontor. The result of this research is a communication strategy in the digital-age for delivering knowledge at pesantren is conducted with selection of learning media in the form of e-learning portal. The criteria for selecting and determining learning media are conducted by considering ACTIONS (Access, Cost, Teaching and Learning, Interactivity, Organizational Issues, Novelty, and Speed) factors. The contribution of this research is a communication strategy in the digital-age for delivering knowledge at pesantren conducted through e-learning.

Keywords: Communication Strategy, Digital Age, Pesantren, Learning Media, E-Learning

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28 ABS-70 Communication Studies

Arbi Cristional Lokananta, M.I.Kom & Benny Herjuliansah

Universitas Budi Luhur


This study aims to determine the role of public relations BKKBN in giving educate to the public trough a series of deep packaged efforts that are packed in an edutainment-based program. This study is also intendent to analyze the function of public relation in an attempt to suppress the rate of population growth to avoid problems that could burden the government because of it population growth that is not balanced with economic and state infrastructure. Success of the government in suppressing the existing growth rate can not be satisfied until here, therefore still needed his or her special attention against an attempt done on a regular basis continous especialy development in the field of population in order for the population to become an effective and productive force for the development of the state. So various problems in the population which includes the provision the provision of key needs for an ever increasing population like a such as the provision of food, education, health, residential land and employment as well as other problems can be addressed as early as possible, so that the results of development can be enjoyed by all levels of society.

Keywords: Strategy, Public Relations, BKKBN

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29 ABS-78 Communication Studies

Mohammad Luthfi (a*), M. Rifai (a)

University of Darussalam Gontor


This study aims at revealing the communication strategy of Bimas Islam to prevent divorce in Ponorogo. This research was carried out in Bimas Islam Office, Ponorogo. the informants involved in this study were Head of Bimas Islam as well as Chair of Extention Workers and Facilitator. Techniques of data collection used in this study were interviews, observation, and documentation. The results showed that the communication strategies implemented by Bimas Islam in Ponorogo as an effort to prevent divorce were marriage guidance, counseling, and mediation activities. Receivers of divorce prevention activities were a prospective husband and wife together with the couple getting a conflic. Message delivery strategy was conveyed through lectures, group discussions, and persuasion. Meanwhile, the teaching aids used were LCD projectors, whiteboards, and books of the foundation in Sakinah Family. The communicators involved were a motivator and also counselor who have already attended a sakinah family program. The contribution of this research is in the form of communication strategies to prevent divorce.

Keywords: Communication Strategy, Bimas Islam, Divorce

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30 ABS-83 Communication Studies

Creative Campaign on Social Media: Study of #jamaahkreatifsektorselatan Community Movement in Makassar
Nurabdiansyah, Irfan Arifin, Prusdianto

Faculty of Art and Design, Universitas Negeri Makassar


Social media now currently seen as one of the most important media to convey messages to the public. Various messages from individuals and communities use this media as a space to share information and communicate with each other. Massive message delivery through social media, then followed by the trend of using hashtags to find out how much a message was delivered. This study examines the use of hashtags in a social campaign about creative communities in Makassar titled #jamaahkreatifsektorselatan (#jkss). The #jkss campaign is a creative effort to build a collective identity of several creative communities in the southern region of Makassar. This effort was carried out by inviting several creative communities to hold several creative activities and then adding the #jamaahkreatifsektorselatan hashtag in each of their posts about these activities on social media. This study then evaluates the correlation between them. Creative activities carried out were then followed up by monitoring the increasing number of hashtag #jamaahkreatifsektorselatan on social media, especially Instagram. One of the foremost objectives of this research is the achievement of a positive correlation between various activities carried out in the real world and the establishment of collective identity through cyberspace, and mutually creates new configurations of communication and identification among the communities involved.

Keywords: creative campaign, hastag, social movement, creative community, collective identity

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